Outstanding service. I highly recommend this company for anyone who wants the job done right. Customer service is excellent and they go above and beyond for their clients. Thank you!

Jean served a summons on a difficult company for me. Very professional service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend 24 Hour Process.
This place was a lifesaver! I needed a form notarized and delivered right away, they were able to do it ALL for an affordable price. Extremely professional and helpful.
I could not have been more impressed at the professionalism and superior customer service I experienced from the moment I called this company to inquire about serving a summons for family court the very same day. I spoke with Jean, whom I am so thankful he was so polite and diligent with my questions and promised that service of the summons would be accomplished and he also put my mind at ease when he said that unlike other companies, if they could not serve documents for whatever reason, they will try 8 different times. Awesome!!

I requested the summons to be served within 24 hours and paid an additional fee but their prices are extremely fair and have different options based on your own unique situation and a time frame in which you’d prefer the summons to be delivered.

I sent the documents which needed to be served to opposing party to Jean at 1:30PM and the summons was served to the party at 4:30PM the same day. After documents were served, an automated message of the process of service was e-mailed to me including links to the return of service for summons issued, an invoice, copies of all documents that were served and to whom it was served to. They also mailed me a hard copy to my mailing address.

Thank you for making this such a simple, smooth, and quick process for me and getting the job done! I look forward to working with 24-hour process again in the very near future. 5 stars!!