Evictions in Florida can be frustrating and time consuming. If you are a landlord with a non-paying tenant that needs to be removed, the best thing you can do is use our tenant eviction service. There are many advantages to using our service - not only will it save you time and money - but it also protects you. We know the process and will get it right the first time. It can seem like a difficult process to remove a tenant from a property when they are not paying. It can be a stressful process - and even emotional - if you have gotten to know the tenant on a personal level. The fact remains that you must receive your money or find another tenant willing to pay rent. You might have a mortgage on the rental property and rely on the rental payment for this obligation. No matter which part of the eviction is stressful, the stress can be eliminated by hiring us to handle the process for you. We can relieve this stress by removing you from the equation. 

Florida Statutes 83.05 states:

The right of possession upon default in rent; determination of right of possession in action or surrender or abandonment of premises.—
(1) If any person leasing or renting any land or premises other than a dwelling unit fails to pay the rent at the time it becomes due, the lessor has the right to obtain possession of the premises as provided by law.
(2) The landlord shall recover possession of rented premises only:
(a) In an action for possession under s. 83.20, or other civil action in which the issue of right of possession is determined;
(b) When the tenant has surrendered possession of the rented premises to the landlord; or
(c) When the tenant has abandoned the rented premises.
(3) In the absence of actual knowledge of abandonment, it shall be presumed for purposes of paragraph (2)(c) that the tenant has abandoned the rented premises if:
(a) The landlord reasonably believes that the tenant has been absent from the rented premises for a period of 30 consecutive days;
(b) The rent is not current; and
(c) A notice pursuant to s. 83.20(2) has been served and 10 days have elapsed since service of such notice.

However, this presumption does not apply if the rent is current or the tenant has notified the landlord in writing of an intended absence.History.—s. 5, Nov. 21, 1828; RS 1750; GS 2226; RGS 3534; CGL 5398; s. 34, ch. 67-254; s. 1, ch. 83-151.
83.06 Right to demand double rent upon refusal to deliver possession.—
(1) When any tenant refuses to give up possession of the premises at the end of the tenant’s lease, the landlord, the landlord’s agent, attorney, or legal representatives, may demand of such tenant double the monthly rent, and may recover the same at the expiration of every month, or in the same proportion for a longer or shorter time by distress, in the manner pointed out hereinafter.
(2) All contracts for rent, verbal or in writing, shall bear interest from the time the rent becomes due, any law, usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

For inexperienced landlords, the prospect of evicting a tenant can be a very unpleasant experience - all that confusing paperwork! Going to the courthouse to file the forms and finding out you have forgotten something or filled one of the forms out incorrectly. Back and forth trying to get it right. The whole time you are thinking about your non-paying tenant. You have tried working things out with them. They just will not pay the rent. If only they would honor their commitment to you and give you the rent money.

When you use our service, we will fill out the documentation for you. We have been through the process before and know exactly what needs to be done. Not only do we focus entirely on removing Florida tenants but we can ensure it happens in a timely manner. You won’t have to worry about filling out the wrong paperwork, not turning the papers into the courts on time, or not having the time to do what needs to be done. 

Renting properties to tenants is a great investment, however, when tenants stop paying it can mean a loss of money for every month you don’t receive rent. Using our eviction service ensures a speedy process which, in turn, minimizes your loss of income.