Mobile Notary

 24 Hour Process LLC offers the most reliable and accurate Mobile Notary services at your chosen location. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With a simple phone call, you are guaranteed that your document will be notarized at the time and place most convenient to you.

We understand that sometimes it is inconvenient or impossible to get to a notary. Our mobile notaries make visits to homes, jails, offices, hospitals, and hotels. Notarization provides assurance that the signor of the document has shown valid photo ID to a notary. We check ID carefully prior to notarization, make appropriate logbook entries and affix our stamp and embossed seal. We verify and complete the notarization date and location, as notarized documents require the State and County where the notarization took place.

For your protection our notaries carry the official Florida State Commission - issued to authorized notaries. We also carry photo ID - our drivers' licenses. In addition, we will provide our business card and a receipt if payment is in cash. As representatives of the Florida Department of State we take our function very seriously.

 Although rare, there are times when we cannot notarize a document. We require that the document NOT be signed prior to our arrival, or resigned if already signed. A personal appearance by the signor in front of the notary is always required. We also must decline to pre/postdate document notarizations. Please understand the distinction between the document date and the notarization date. The document date is the effective date of the document and is of no concern to the notary. The notarization date is the actual date the signor appears before the notary and must be accurately reflected on the document.

24 Hour Process LLC provides Mobile Notary Service, Signing Agent Service, and Service of Process (Process Server) to both corporate and individual clients throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast.  As one of the premier Mobile Notary Public services in West Palm Beach, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to handle your most confidential documents with care and precision.

   Our strategy has always been centered on building strategic relationships with Title companies, Law Firms, and the general public to generate a stream of satisfied repeat customers.  Registered in all counties of Florida as a "State of Florida Notary Public".

Mobile Notary Service:

Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney


Medical Documents

Employment Documents

Signing Agent Service:

Loan Documents - Purchases, Refinances, Reverse, 1st and 2nd's


Real Estate Documents - Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed, Deed of Trust

Transfer of Ownership

Corporate Documents

Our Procedures:

We come to your home, office, even church to suit your busy schedule.  Our flexible scheduling allows for evening and weekend appointments as well. We are here to provide our clients with an easy, friendly, and professional service that will always accommodate their needs.