Why do legal papers (Summons and Subpoenas) need to be officially served? 

Official service of a summons and a copy of your complaint or petition are necessary to start a legal action by giving the other side formal notice that there is a lawsuit filed against them. After serving the other parties in your civil case, the process server files a return of service form with the Court so that the judge will know service has been performed according to the law. Civil process servers can also serve subpoenas (orders to appear in court or produce documents) and other legal notices and may be called upon to testify in Court if there is a question about proper service. All parties requesting service of process should be aware of the proper and legal service required in the legal proceeding.

We deliver and serve legal documents for a reasonable fee and utilize seasoned contracted professionals to get the job done properly. We understand the many different Statutes and Laws that dictate how we handle our clients' requests. We provide competent and proven skills that assure well focused, timely and successful services. We are expert private investigators and private process servers and are considered the best in the business. We treat each request as if it's a top priority and will go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met, as you expect them to be. We serve and deliver legal documents nationwide and have agents in every city to support us with our efforts.

24 Hour Process only hire highly skilled, Licensed, Bonded and Court Certified Process Servers to serve our clients’ documents. We provide compliant, organized, and reliable Private Process Server Services throughout South Florida. As Certified Process Servers, we are permitted to serve initial non-enforceable civil process. Civil process provides notice to defendants that a judicial action or proceeding has been initiated. Names of current certified process servers are included in an approved list maintained by the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. Certified Process Servers are required to exercise due diligence while effecting service and to comply with related rules, statutes, and administrative orders.

The Administrative Office of the Court certifies and regulates Certified Process Servers in the 15th Judicial Circuit. These individuals are responsible for serving initial non-enforceable civil process issued by the courts of Palm Beach County. The purpose of civil process is to provide notice to defendants and other interested persons that a judicial action or proceeding has been initiated. The court may not proceed with a judicial action/proceeding until delivery of process has been confirmed.

Below is a list of reasons why you should hire 24 Hour Process to serve your legal papers:

Peace of Mind


Experienced Agents

Superior Communications

Timely Reports and Paperwork

Proof of Delivery

Real Time Updates

Jurisdictional Affidavits and Proof of Service

Professional Delivery and Private Process Service Excellence

Email Transaction updates

Expertise with Locating Missing People

Direct contact with processing agent assigned to your service request

Advancing Witness Fees

Receiving documents via Email Attachment

Accuracy in Reporting

Scanning Affidavits before Mailing Original

Free Notarization of Affidavits

Images, Photo's, Video and GPS Data

Assured Compliance

Expert Diligence Search and Locate service

Diligence Affidavits

Statutory Services